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Social Media Management

What Is Social Media Management?

We'll take on the work of deploying resources into social media ads as well as manage content and inqueries.

The Process

Traffic Research

We'll work closely with you to research 1. what services/products create the most revenue, 2. desired benchmarks for increasing revenue, and 3. outline solutions that delivery on those outcomes.

Development (0 to 1)

Now that we have an understanding of what to do, we test effectiveness of the solution. This is a 4 month process of intense A/B testing of different strategies.

Optimization (1 to n)

We optimize inefficiencies, manage mission creep, and prepare the solution to be deployed at scale.

Why Us?


Research Oriented

Time is precious. Our mission is to free up more of it for you to focus on big picture planning.

Our applications are built on top of Shopify's Inventory Management System.

We combine Shopify's easy to use IMS with break-neck speeds to create a world class digital storefront.

If operate an existing Shopify site we guarantee that you'll see no disruption during the redesign process.


No Compromises

Shopify's Inventory Mangament System is great. Their hosting isn't.

Slow web speeds result in an underperformance in lead capture. Our solution gives you the ability to manage content on your website while retaining lightning fast load speeds so you don't turn away potential customers/clients.

Retain the Shopify IMS you're already familiar with without compromising on performance.

Pay less for Google Ads. Google determines how much you pay for ads based on a 'trust' score and a speed score. We'll work on optimizng both of rankings for a greater ROAS.


Designed To Impress

It's hard to design something that truly captures your product/service quality. Let us help.

Our proven web-flow design philophy ensures that potential customer/clients will stay on your site longer resulting in a higher chance of conversion.

Each page has a 'goal,' whether it's to fill out a form, give you a call, or purchase your product/service.

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